Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • Well worth considering RT @globalvoices How should we react to beggars? #SriLanka #poverty #
  • BEC power gone off @ 4 am. Woke up. 8:30 am the BEC robot calling the house, say if the power restored. BEC I am not a robot. I need sleep. #
  • RT @TheRyan1908: I dont think most Bahamians appreciate the value of education unless they have to pay for it. >>> I happen to agree. #
  • RT @KnowlesAsh Should I even vote? All 3 parties seem inadequate. >>> My dilemma exactly. We still have one more document to go though #PLP #
  • RT @KnowlesAsh Culture & Heritage section of the #FNMManifesto is weak. >>> it's worse than weak. It was fuller in 2007 and has been pruned #
  • #DNAVision released today. Still digesting the #FNMManifesto Hope there's more hope in the Vision. #DemandDebates #
  • “@sbaranha: @nicobet – Did you hear HAI promising to remember those who don't strike & threatening to remember those who do?” Didn't. Glad. #
  • “@Tribune242: Tribune Business:
    STOPOVER VISITORS TO HIT 1.88m BY 2022” This is GOOD news? Why will it take that long? #
  • “@mydnaparty: Vision Book 2012 & Beyond has been released!!! – Click on the link to view:…” Downloading tonight #
  • #FNMManifesto Any proposed changes to exchange control to give individual entrepreneurs direct access to global markets? #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 39: REALLY disappointed in tourism plans. Continued handing off of main industry to foreign hands. #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 37: Tourism achievements seem to be window dressing. What was the impact – economic, environmental? #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 38: Not impressed by the extension of concessions to private cruise ports. Why help our competitors? #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 33: I like the Return to the Island initiative. A lot. Want to know details. #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 32: creed of salvation by foreign investment (aka nation-for-sale) continues. #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto p. 31: Complete process of accession to WTO. Disaster in the making. WTO not geared to benefit small nations #DemandDebates #
  • #FNMManifesto begins (p. 4) with an anti-PLP screed. Are we preparing for 5 more years of insulting almost half the nation? #DemandDebates #
  • “@KheliAshlee:I really wanna see a debate tho.Leaders should debate and all those running against each other should as well” #DemandDebates #
  • This college professor wants to know that her tax money isn't going to continue being spent on hefty foreign consultant fees #DemandDebates #
  • This college professor wants to know what the role of intellectuals will be in the next 5 years of FNM rule #DemandDebates #
  • Not interested in selling more of the country. Want to know what plans there are for encouraging widescale Bahamian participation in economy #
  • #DemandDebates Want to know what lies between the Manifesto's lines cos what's written isn't wowing me. Talk to me. Earn my vote. #
  • Disappointed. No real faith in people expressed. A conservative, cautious manifesto when we need radical vision. Train citizens not servants #
  • Investment in manual labour not intellectual achievement. Plans for university delayed. Training favoured over education. #DemandDebates #
  • Looking for some real alternatives in the economic arena but saw more of the same. Investment in servitude not creativity. #DemandDebates #
  • Lowering of Junkanoo ticket prices is not an achievement. Capping revenue on a multimillion $$ industry is not visionary. #DemandDebates #
  • C'mon #PLP let's see your vision. Want to know how you will face the future. Issues matter to this voter; feed me. #DemandDebates #
  • Not impressed with cultural agenda. Cultural economy sparking economic recovery elsewhere. No mention here. Next? #DemandDebates #
  • Some of FNM Manifesto 2012 reads suspiciously like PLP Plan 2002 – Urban Renewal initiatives? Wasn't that a fail? #DemandDebates #
  • Are we going to see governance in next 5 years rather than continued political point scoring? Not an auspicious beginning #DemandDebates #
  • RT @KnowlesAsh @savageminds Anthropology was Not All White Males: Early Ethnographies by Women & Persons of Color /KF " #
  • #DNA talking issues. #FNM Manifesto up. #PLP we're waiting – #DemandDebates #
  • Finally, #FNMManifesto No university for the Bahamas in the next 5 years. Aren't we good enough yet? #DemandDebates #
  • Come now @branmccartney – all politicians will say anything before an election. Stick to issues – What makes you different? #DemandDebates #
  • #DemandDebates The Bahamian electorate has become weary of campaigns without substance #
  • FNM, PLP or DNA? No, a PCB — Proud Citizen of The Bahamas. Join me: #DemandDebates #
  • Still giving the DNA kudos for engaging with issues, even when I don't agree with their stands. PLP and FNM: we're waiting. #DemandDebates #
  • Haven't picked a colour yet. I kinda like the Bahamian flag myself. But life is too short to listen to screaming and shouting and rallying. #
  • Listening to DNA Good Governance. Issues matter. Not sure that prettiness is a criterion for election though. #DemandDebates #
  • Just had a flashback to David Lindsay-Abaire's Good People starring Frances McDormand. Don't ask why. Don't know. #
  • RT @joeybahamas RT @nicobet: @joeybahamas Huh! curiouser & curiouser<< i feel like i'm being investigated now lolol << No fear of that! #
  • Point is there were shades of complexity in Bahamian race/class continuum that makes reductionism nonsense. Bahamas mixed US & WI attitudes. #
  • Social conservatism is a different thing and was almost always expressed racially. Adderley certainly married light, Toote lighter. #
  • Fought for education etc. GHS and so on. Sat in House of Assembly between the wars. Later what was progressive may have become conservative #
  • Amen RT @vkrussell @nicobet I hope that the student work doesnt come down. It would be a sad day for freedom of speech and expression. #COB #
  • Not that the light skinned didn't disassociate from darker skinned but colour was not always a sure marker of class. #
  • This light/white thing is relatively new, mostly post-PLP, post-1992. Also influenced by Haitian racial categories. #
  • Tings change RT @JoeyGaskinsJr My light skin, American & British education & my class background make me get called "white" constantly #
  • #DemandDebates RT @JoeyGaskinsJr McCartney uses Toronto as eg.of low murder rates.Canada has not executed since1962. #Election2012 #Bahamas #
  • Just heard that the #COB Colour of Harmony art protest may be coming down. Hope it's not true—unless the students take it down themselves. #
  • Just almost got creamed by a driver flying a party flag coming the wrong way out of a one way street. Way to advertise your party dude. #

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