Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • Hear hear @ricklowebahamas & Edward Hutcheson Those one sided political discussions #
  • Blessed blessed rain last night. Today is fresh & sweet #
  • RT @jbbahamas “@Bahamaspress: 5 more hours to SHOWTIME!!!!” > nice to know the plp rallies are just a show>> arent all? #
  • Great start–Details?>>RT @mydnaparty @nicobet Our vision for ALL Bahamians is to be esteemed higher than any material or natural resources. #
  • #Bahamas2012 Democratic milestones of the past: Majority Rule: 45 yrs ago. independence: 39 yrs ago. Freedom of speech: 20 yrs ago. But now? #
  • #Bahamas2012 @YourFNM @MYPLP_Believe @mydnaparty We need a vision. We need deliverance from paternalism. We need, after all, a nation. #
  • #Bahamas2012 @MYPLP_Believe Democracy without issues isn't: where are yours? @YourFNM Paternalism isn't democracy: where's my voice? #
  • #Bahamas2012 Democracy is turning down the emotion & turning up the mind. Educate, investigate, interrogate. #DemandDebates #
  • #Bahamas2012 Democracy isn't parroting issues parties define for us or voting for people parties pick for us #DemandDebates #
  • #Bahamas2012 Ask questions. Have vision. Dream better. #DemandDebates #
  • Think critically.Seek truth.(you en ga find it on any party website or party document).Have standards to measure promises by. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Or: Don't mind the noise in the market. Just watch the price of the fish. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Or: mouth could say anything.
    Or: paper will sit still & let anyone write on it. #Bahamas2012 #
  • A little something to keep in mind this election season: talk cheap, money buy land #
  • “@TheEconomist: Marriage is a surprisingly good predictor of management style” >> sthg to consider when voting? #
  • “@sbaranha: @MYPLP_Believe – How is @YourFNM manifesto "too little, too late," when your own ain't even out yet? #DemandDebates ?? Damn yeah #
  • “@JoeyGaskinsJr: Still in the library at 7am…” O the luxury of a true-true 24 hour library. Dream better Bahamas! #
  • “@sbaranha: Q: Which party transformed rusty steel into our national stadium? A: Communist Party of China. #DemandDebates ??>>w/Chinese labour #
  • “@Truth242: FNM to increase scholarships for Family Island students” Scholarships to where? The USA & the brain drain? Invest in UOB! #
  • “@sbaranha: Somebody is going to offer a laurel wreath to Caesar any minute now. #Bahamas2012 #DemandDebates” Lol look what I missed! #
  • Stayed away from twitter today to get some work done. I blame #Bahamas2012 for keeping me up all night last night. #
  • Dream better!>@jbbahamas:Sustainable boutique hotels. Different islands, different experiences @YourFNM > I can get behind this #Bahamas2012 #
  • Why must we have our national anthem sung to us? What's wrong with everybody standing up and singing it together? & getting the words right? #
  • It's a start>>RT @TheRyan1908 A classmate of mine said the Government shd have ONE tangible goal by 2020:every child should be able to read. #
  • Talking bout education … gotta return to MARKING … ugh #
  • Not willing to let govts off the hook but not willing to accept mediocrity & lame excuses either. Demand more but provide opportunity too #
  • Wanna find a govt that sees Bahamian citizens as humans equal to anyone anywhere on the planet & expects excellence & makes no excuses #
  • Or lack of self-esteem & conviction they are second-class? Agree with #PLP there #
  • RT@TheRyan1908 What do u think happened? >>>Hard to answer in a twitter feed!! #
  • Before 1974:excellence available in public schools.After 1974, 1992, 2002, & 2007:excellence requires fee-paying.Unacceptable.@TheRyan1908 #
  • Citizens, let us demand what we need and let the politicians jump to serve us. Disbelieve whatever sitting politicians say – spin is endemic #
  • Principles have to cut both ways. Under #PLP loan scholarships were being regularized, the way #FNM regularized mortgages. 6 of one & other. #
  • Argument presented re Mortgage Corporation by #DrDuaneSands holds true for Government Loan Scholarship programme which #PLP regularized #
  • And if they did, is it adequate? RT @JoeyGaskinsJr Did the #FNM pass the Person With Disabilities (Equal Opportunity) Bill?? #Bahamas2012 #
  • As #FNM initiatives they are being touted. When will our needs be more important than political pointscoring? #Bahamas2012 #
  • Is citizenry forced to suffer for the sake of political ascendancy?Inner city renewal & community policing were decried as #PLP initiatives #
  • #FNM reinstating the concept of community policing. Why was it stopped? #Bahamas2012 #
  • Moral standards developed by early #PLP Youth between 15 and 25 raised in #FNM times. What fundamental changes are proposed to fix it? #
  • Sands thinks we have a sick society. Let us share the blame for that. We are all complicit. What are solutions, then? #Bahamas2012 #
  • Disbelieve me? Compare Our Plan 2002 with Manifesto 2012. Stop looking back. 2007's mistake was to revert to 2002. Will 2012's be the same? #
  • My concern: #FNM now investing in plans proposed by #PLP 2002-2007: urban renewal, city regeneration, social programmes. But 2012 isn't 2002 #
  • No discussion of any of these things. We look back, throwing stones, not forward, tossing seeds. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Youth unemployment is a pressing issue. Underemployment for qualified Bahamians is a pressing issue. Civil service reform is critical. #
  • Fastest growing areas of global economy: tourism & creative industries. No discussion of either. FDI continues to be seen as a saviour #
  • This back and forth is unproductive and does not bode well for 2012-2017. Vision is lacking overall. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Bahamas economic base under threat and no party is addressing this reality. Economic expansion cannot be done by business as usual. #
  • My problem with this election: the arguments are obsolete and do not take into account the reality of the 21st century. #Bahamas2012 #
  • #FNM #039;s urban renewal plan as articulated by Duane Sands is gentrification not economic renewal of the ppl in the area. #Bahamas2012 #
  • All of a sudden #FNM is a champion of Urban Renewal. Someone explain the philosophy behind it please. #FNM will gentrify the city. #
  • Discussion devolving into more name calling and accusations of untruth. More of the same. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Fundamental difference between #FNM and #PLP #PLP helps ppl, #FNM helps people help themselves #
  • FNM seeks to level the playing field. However the economic method they champion does not have the track record of doing this #
  • Sands indicates that we require a visionary outlook. I entirely agree. He says the political issues are as acute as in 1967. I agree too #
  • This goes both ways. The measure of validity depends upon the amount of assurance a speaker has in his/her voice, upon personality, not fact #
  • Listening to #Love97 – Duane Sands defending the record of the #FNM My problem with the discussion is that propaganda eclipses expertise #
  • & nothing wring wt that RT @JoeyGaskinsJr Leslie Miller saying #FNM funded by old UBP connections in Easter Road, Lyford Cay. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Absurd RT @JoeyGaskinsJr "More money being spent in this election than ever before."- Daryl Miller #Bahamas2012 #
  • Can't agree there RT @JoeyGaskinsJr I think once you lose a seat in parliament, you should step out of politics. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Talk it RT @JoeyGaskinsJr Come on @TeejGrant! No need to biologize false gender differences. #
  • Will the government? RT @ricklowebahamas Will the unions and their leadership answer to the Bahamian taxpayer? #
  • RT @peepaltreepress Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes via @guardian #
  • LOL RT @HeracliteanFire We got a Nigerian email scam today. But by post. And from China. #
  • Still waiting for #PLP document. Feel in need of some vision. Reward our patience & share some. ##Bahamas2012 #
  • Kudos to Eugene Dupuch Law School for the evening & to the candidates who turned up. #DemandDebates #
  • Cunningham (#DNA): initiate a system by which MPs can be recalled, whether by constituents or cabinet is not clear. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Pinder (#PLP): Representation is a big job and should not be done as a sideline. MPs should be full time jobs. #DNA 's Munroe disagrees #
  • Facing the future: all parties myopic & unconscious of the spirit of the times. #FNM in hotseat but little light shed by others #Bahamas2012 #
  • Hot air & platitudes re the question about the arts & culture. Not high on any agenda. Only #PLP recognized economic opps. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Munroe (#DNA): Too much PM power over Judiciary. Curtail it. Judiciary should be independent and seen to be. #Bahamas2012 #
  • RT @Truth242 Is legislative reform on your candidate's agenda? ASK HIM/HER! >> And #DemandDebates #
  • RT @Truth242 @nicobet Most Bahamians don't have access to justice so as to review Executive decisions. We need written standards>>SNAP #
  • RT @Truth242 @nicobet Far too much Executive discretion, I agree. Nearly every law is SUBJECT to 'discretion' by the Minister >>hear hear #
  • #DNA reforms go further. Fixed life of Parliament. Campaign finance reform. PM's power curtailed by consent, not consultation, of opposition #
  • All parties would seek constitutional amendments. #FNM women, #DNA & #PLP limit PM power #Bahamas2012 #
  • Pinder (PLP) simple constitutional reforms can curtail PM powers-Boundaries Commission, powers to appoint senior officials etc #Bahamas2012 #
  • Munroe (#DNA): the position of Prime Minister is despotic in nature and by constitution. DNA will limit PM's power. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Munroe (#DNA) Citizenship by birth not supported. Only children born to people with status are Bahamians. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Hunt (#FNM): constitutional amendment required to allow any Bahamian, make or female, to confer citizenship on children. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Pinder – constitution a living document. Need for amendments as time goes on. #Bahamas2012 #
  • Catching up on the tweets from the Governance Panel #DemandDebates #
  • RT @JoeyGaskinsJr I just want to hit the reset button on Bahamian politics….#Bahamas2012 Best one yet #DemandDebates #
  • RT @nplaughlin Files from Anguilla and the Bahamas in the "secret" colonial records newly released by the British gov't #
  • RT @nplaughlin "Every sensitive document kept by the authorities in British Guiana" destroyed in Independence handover? #
  • RT @JoeyGaskinsJr RT @dwayneroper: DR: Life of a Hashtag: #DemandDebates (cc: @nicobet )<< very cool! >> Ditto! #
  • RT @KnowlesAsh "@gotyouhigh Best advice anyone could ever give: Always be kind and polite, and have the materials to build a bomb. " >> Heh #
  • RT @museum_studies Activism in museums? Italian museum starts burning artworks in protest. >> Bit extreme #
  • RT @AncientProverbs When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. -Ethiopian Proverb >> Call the spiders #
  • AKA young men in yellow shirts laid redshirt effigy in road.Who created young men? RT @JoeyGaskinsJr #PLP create effigy of #FNM #Bahamas2012 #
  • Eugene Dupuch Panel Discussion on Governance. R. Pinder, H. Hunt, W. Munroe, K. Cunningham #DemandDebates #
  • On constitutional amendment – K. Cunningham – amend citizenship via women & ultimate power of the PM #DemandDebates #
  • H. Hunt – honesty and integrity are her strengths. #DemandDebates #
  • W. Munroe – representation of constituency, second only to greater national good. #DemandDebates #
  • Good governance: K. Cunningham – good opposition. R. Pinder – good legislation & representation. #DemandDebates #
  • All parties represented. Good stuff. #DNA #PLP #FNM all here. #
  • Will tweet till phone charge dies. No Internet. #DemandDebates #
  • At the Eugene Dupuch sponsored panel discussion on governance. #DemandDebates #
  • USA not the best example I can think of for model election systems. Concentrate on our own flaws. They have enough. #DemandDebates #
  • Like the #DNA ads though. But is there substance behind the rhetoric? #DemandDebates #
  • Feeling insulted by the repetition of the "opportunity society" ads. Few opportunities for qualified young people. #DemandDebates #
  • Lester's points are sound. Listening is a valuable virtue, Darold. #DemandDebates #
  • Not a whole much else I agree with – more sound than light so far. Thanks for the numbers, Lester. #DemandDebates #
  • Listening to Guardian Talk Radio regarding elections. One thing I agree with. Elections to consider like this: 1967 and 1977 #DemandDebates #
  • Still undecided. Issues clear; solutions not. No Plan from PLP yet. Time running out. Waiting to be wooed. #DemandDebates #
  • Bahama Republic #
  • “@sablikatriumph: @nicobet hi there, the last elections also didn't have political debates? #DemandDebates #Bahamas (#Curacao)”>>No debates #
  • “@sbaranha: I am an undecided voter in St. Anne's." I am an undecided voter in Montagu. Help me decide. #DemandDebates #
  • Is "free" trade undoing the progress attempted by the 20th century? Gap between richest & poorest sounds feudal to me #
  • “@JoeyGaskinsJr: @nicobet did you peek the #twitpic lol” >>> Did but haven't seen nor read The Hunger Games so didn't get it yet #
  • “@JoeyGaskinsJr: Wherever there is a binary there's trouble…gender, sexuality, racializations and nationalisms.” >> Add partisan politics #
  • “@ricklowebahamas: Bahamas Elections 2012. Trend setting site for the elections.” >>Go Alex! #
  • “@sbaranha: @JoeyGaskinsJr @Tribune242 – Every time a Bahamian newspaper re-designs their website, the old stuff gets lost.”>>On purpose? #
  • “@wardmin: Finished reading #theHungerGames today. Now I can go see the movie! :)” >>> I need to start #
  • “@JoeyGaskinsJr: Headed home…” >>> Transatlantically, or across town? #
  • “@DBoodooFortune: The Art of Danielle Boodoo-Fortune: April thoughts” >>> Love your art! #
  • “@BahamasWeekly: Police investigating shooting incident resulting in death of 12 yr old” >>Most gun ownership's illegal #
  • “@InjusticeFacts: 1960: the 20% of the world's people in the richest countries had 30x the income of the poorest 20%, in 1997: 74x as much.” #
  • “@mydnaparty: Great nations like great people must decide what they want 50 years from now and then work like a dog to get there.” >> Amen #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15 #
  • RT @JoeyGaskinsJr: I will fight free-market capitalism and the conservative economic agenda in the Bahamas… >>>Hard to choose a party then #
  • …marking… rescue me… marking… somebody say something good… #

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