Bahamas@40: the College of The Bahamas’ Fortieth Anniversary Conference

It happened last week. From Wednesday to Friday, a modest number of Bahamians attended the Bahamas@40 Conference mounted by the School of Social Sciences. The full title of the conference was

The Bahamas at Forty: Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future

and the three days of sessions did just that.

First of all, put aside your preconceptions and prejudices about our local university. Never mind that our governments (none of them) haven’t yet seen fit to recognize and enshrine our university’s status, or that your perception of the college is of a glorified high school, or that you haven’t been on campus either since you graduated (whether that was graduating from GHS pre 1975 or graduating from COB pre 2000). Never mind that you might still have stuck in your head that this is a place where people go to do A levels or Pitman exams or their Associates’ Degrees. Do me a favour as you read this post and assume just for a moment that the College of The Bahamas is a university—because it is.

Second, bookmark this site, because I’m going to use it to share some of the sessions. If you didn’t get to the conference, I’m sorry, but several of the sessions were broadcast live over the internet and several of them are available as podcasts.

Third, check out this link for the full outline of the sessions:

Bahamas@Forty Schedule

And check back later for more discussion.

Yes, I’m always running to go somewhere.




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