for colored chows who have considered renovations

I am still working behind the scenes on the next instalment of my random thoughts, but in the meantime (or in the foretime) my life is occupied with three entirely separate but equally demanding things:

Sustainable Exuma1) my job, which isn’t just teaching and marking and pontificating in front of (mostly bored to death) students, but which is also, and equally important (perhaps more so), about researching OUR CURRENT reality and putting the findings out there. My research is branching off in different directions. I have a mentor/bully who is pushing me to investigate violence, and I have of course my own long-term research into the various cultural industries in The Bahamas, primarily Junkanoo but also theatre and the proposed carnival—not to mention my involvement in the Sustainable Exuma project;

Packing ...2) finishing the packing up of my parents’ house (which has been three years slow because of the wealth of history that they collected between them, and because I refuse to do what so many others have done before me, and simply toss out papers and photographs which may/will have meaning for generations to come) and starting the renovation of the home in hopes of offering it for rent this August;

theatre3) rehearsing the Ringplay production of for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf (Ntozake Shange’s original choreopoem, updated in some ways for the twenty-first century, not to be confused with Tyler Perry’s adaptation), which will be performed in a new-brand theatre space towards the end of next month.

Oh, and, there’s

4) looking after a fourteen-year-old Chow Chow, who has been called the “elderly patient” by the vet we had check her out three months ago, when he told us to be conservative when we were ordering her pain pills. She is tottery on her legs and she sleeps a lot, but we are on her third set of meds. She is a trooper!!!

When she was not so elderly
When she was not so elderly

No, I am not getting very much sleep.

At all.


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