Response to the homophobic hysteria surrounding the proposed amendments to the Bahamian constitution

I am the founder of the grassroots social media group Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse and, in accordance with my belief in transparency, disclose that I am a member of the LGBT community. I do not “impose this ‘unnatural’ human lifestyle on society”, but do advocate for human rights. No right thinking person can argue that LGBT people are humans, and as citizens of this country, entitled to rights and protections.

“I am afraid of any lifestyle, orientation, preference or behaviour that threatens that very survival of the human race.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

There is no need to be afraid, Dr. Munroe. The world is presently at a greater risk of becoming overpopulated rather than under. Those that choose to be celibate, undergo sterilisation, use contraceptives or cannot conceive naturally are also “abnormal”, but should not be blamed for the feared extinction of the human race. I also guarantee that many of your faithful congregants, international counterparts, family, friends and yes, other  high profile “men of the cloth”, whether known to you or not, have varying sexual practices or preferences they hold privately that you and “the church” would disapprove of.

As you have noted, Dr. Munroe, the homosexual lifestyle has been in existence for thousands of years and is not going anywhere. Wars, poverty, crime, abuse, discrimination, injustice, hate and fear-mongering are also not going anywhere. I encourage you, as a “Kingdom Citizen”, to seriously consider redirecting your efforts toward launching a far-reaching highly publicised campaign strategy toward the eradication of the abuse and assault of minors in The Bahamas instead of promoting your viewpoints related to the private practices of law-abiding adults.


Terneille Burrows professionally known as TaDa

via – “Regarding Pastor Myles Munroe’s press release: Homosexuality – Phobia or Principle”.


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