Among the objects I discovered in my father’s study–a place which had not been explored, I would imagine, for about 20 years–are (in no particular order):

  • the music he selected and used in 20-odd years of directing the Nassau Renaissance Singers, including some of his own arrangements and those of other choir members
  • memorabilia from the various CARIFESTAs he attended during his time as Director of Culture
  • notebooks with drafts of chapters of his thesis
  • notebooks with notes from a psychology course he took in England when he was there
  • a stash of various sublegal substances & risque publications (yep, he was a rebel)
  • some really cool posters from Cuba
  • notes and minutes from various official meetings, including the doodles he made during the discussions
  • documents showing what Sammie Swain cost to put on in 1985 (our recent revival CERTAINLY didn’t keep up with the cost of living!!!)
  • an early draft of what would become Winston Saunders’ masterpiece, You Can Lead A Horse To Water–a draft called You Can Take the Horse to the Well
  • slides from 1960 to 1990
  • reel-to-reel tapes of the interviews he conducted for his master’s thesis
  • some 16mm films … no idea what’s on them
  • a screen and a projector for those films (but we’re advised NOT to play them until someone can digitize them)

So … wow.

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