Diners’ Debates

There’s a new page on this blog, for those of you who didn’t notice.

It’s a page that links to another page that shares podcasts from a new-ish venture of the School of Social Sciences of the College of The Bahamas.

Diners’ Debates is a monthly series of lectures, held by courtesy of the owners at MOJO’s restaurant, West Bay Street, Nassau, every third Thursday of the month. We discuss current affairs and issues that concern the general public, but we try to do so with more than simply opinion at our disposal. We try to offer up philosophy and fact to provide context and spark discussion, inspire critical thinking and mining for solutions.

The thing that keeps democracies honest and keeps them healthy (ours currently is neither, I’m afraid) is a strong, active civil society. But civil society cannot work for change if it is uninformed. Diners’ Debates seeks to inspire conversations that build democracy.

Nuff said. If you’ve been missing the debates till now, you can listen to them — we live broadcast them and then archive the broadcasts as podcasts you can listen to at your leisure. No promises about the quality of the recordings, though — it’s a bustling locale and sometimes the discussion is lively (by which I mean incoherent).

Check them out, here.


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