Wonk, funk, flux

People who drop in by my blog now and then will notice that things are a little wonky at the moment, a little funky. I’m making a personal change with regard to my writing, and have invested in a professional website which is under construction. In time, you should be able to find my blog […]

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Blog – The Nassau Liberal

Blog – The Nassau Liberal. Just for those who think that we “aren’t ready” for a university, READ THIS BLOG and tell me if you still think so. With one exception, the contributors to this group blog are students at the still-College of   The Bahamas. They are Bahamians born and raised and yet their […]

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Just a note

A little apology. Been writing posts via iPad today, using the WordPress app, and have run into a couple of glitches. Thats why, if youre following this blog via twitter or Facebook or an RSS feed, you may have got a couple of erroneous and annoying updates that lead nowhere. Im having the devil of […]

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This is just to say

that I have been silent for the past couple of weeks largely because, well, I have a job and commitments and the kinds of things I want to write on this blog take Time and Effort and Thought. And I’ve got myself in well-justified trouble by posting off the top of my head recently. By […]

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I am reviewing the situation

re moving the blog. It’s huge and it’s going to take some time. Eventually it’ll happen but ignore the last post; it will not happen this week. I’m going to take the mirror site offline till I get all the kinks worked out. In the meantime, enjoy this one, the one and only original Blogworld. […]

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Blog musings

Since this is not primarily for FB consumption, you people on Facebook could entirely ignore this post — which in FB will be called a “note”. This is more to inform people who follow the blog in all its red-and-white glory what is about to happen. Ever since last summer I have been having behind-the-scenes […]

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Generation Y

Generation Y It’s been a long time since I was able to follow the blogs I read, partly because I’ve been doing so much other stuff but largely because I still can’t add bookmarks to Safari and I haven’t taken to other feed-readers. So I haven’t been discovering new blogs or dropping old ones — […]

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