The NEW age of revolution

There’s a video I shared on Facebook. Its purpose: to explain to the world the real purpose behind the gilets jaunes (yellow vest) movement in France. The speaker in the video calls it “the revolution”.  We live in a revolutionary age. It’s not something we can escape. Marshall McLuhan, writing long ago, observed that when […]

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Li(v)es that matter

Last week, following the exchanges that were taking place on travel advisories to the USA, I felt I should weigh in. I didn’t. The issues at hand seemed too big, too heavy to lift. And the discussion felt too old, the way in which it was moving too predictable. It’s as though all our arguments have worn two […]

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Considering the constitution

The real victims of [the] unequal entitlement to Bahamian citizenship … are … children, regardless of their sex. The key provision in the Constitution, where the debate is framed around gender, but could also be framed around children’s rights … — Stephen Aranha “I want a Bahamas that ensures that no one can be discriminated against on the basis […]

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Watching Baltimore Burn

The title says it all. I’m watching the burning on MSNBC right now, having started watching it on CNN, and I’m thinking of all the mistakes we have made over the past ten years, the past twenty years, the past forty years in our nation. For those of you who may be reading from outside […]

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Landscapes of Inequality: reforming the Bahamian Constitution

First published on Global Voices’ The Bridge 10 October 2014 The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is amending its 41-year-old constitution. I’m using the present continuous tense, because the amendment is a process, one that began some twelve years ago in 2002. Back then, a constitutional referendum was held and failed—the proposed amendments to the Constitution were […]

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