Shakespeare in Paradise 2014

The thing about running a theatre festival is how fast things go. Only last week we were opening the student matinees, with our local, age-appropriate production of Romeo and Juliet; last weekend the Ringplay production of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf revived itself for four final shows; and […]

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Today’s the day

Shakespeare in Paradise 2014 soft-opens today with the first student matinee of Romeo and Juliet. I’m juggling many plates! Keeping them all in the air is challenging at the very least, and the beginning of October is the time when they all fly up and some of them come crashing down. The one I always have […]

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Saving Sammie Swain

This is not the post that I would have liked to write in the days after the close of The Legend of Sammie Swain, but it has to be done. We received so much support from our audiences and so many congratulations from the public at large for the revival of my father’s folk opera that […]

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