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  1. hi, nicol I´M SO SAD about my teachers, thanks for the photos, I DONT have any, I LIVE IN guadalajara, jal. Can you send me or scanner this photos ,I really appreciate that. thank you. I was the first student in his academy, I SAW THEM THE LAST JULY, here in guadalajara, thank´s maye zambrano


  2. Hi Nicolette, I just read your posting from ’07 regarding Barbara’s passing. Sounds like she left a good legacy behind as a teacher and friend. My sympathy to all who loved her. I was searching her name to see if she was still in business. I do believe I had the occasion to buy and resell her delicious goods at my store in Florida, providing her label was BA-YA. Absolutely the finest chutneys (mango my fave), guava jelly along with a fabulous hot sauce she made with finely ground lime, peppers, onions among several other items she produced. I had a friend that frequented the Bahamas and he hooked us up. I only spoke with her by phone, but Barbara was always so sweet and happy it definitely became infectious! Do you still have contact with her children? If so please feel free to pass along my contact email. By the way I still operate my Palatable Pepper Products business, however I moved back to my hometown to help caregive my Mom and restarted my little business in upstate NY. Thanks Nicolette for the kind words, Barbara is smiling still!
    Sincerely, Dan ‘the Chileman’ Watkins


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