A shift into the dark?

I am not American. However, I recognize the United States of America for providing a model for democracy around the world. No, its democracy is not perfect, but it is earnest. In principle, it seeks on numerous levels to work against tyranny, to empower its citizenry. The execution of these has been far from perfect, […]

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A little perspective

Anyone who follows this blog is probably aware that partisan political commentary of the sort we prefer is not one of the things I do. That’s by design. In the first place, too many people in this nation engage in partisan political commentary, so much so that many of us believe that our governmental institutions […]

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#wemarch like flamingoes 

Something has changed in the air.  Today, I took part in a peaceful march from Arawak Cay to Rawson Square in Nassau. I can’t easily articulate why, though. It was not a protest on my part. It was most certainly not a partisan gesture; I have come to consider Bahamian party politics (the only kind […]

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